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ScarLine Rx® 2x9 Curve

ScarLine Rx Curve ScarLine Rx Curve

The 2x9 Inch Curve is an ideal size for burn
care and for large surgical wounds. Commonly used after a C-section or cardiac surgery, the 2x9 is also ideal for breast surgery patients and can be used in combination with the ScarLine Rx™ Contour, which is designed specifically for the breast.

Safe for the Whole Family!


ScarLine Rx™ reduces redness and relieves the itching
and discomfort associated with red and raised scars.
ScarLine Rx™ softens, flattens and dramatically improves
the discoloration noted with keloid and hypertrophic
scars. The silicone provides a protective barrier which
occludes and hydrates the skin, encouraging the skin’s
natural healing properties.

The 2x9 can be cut to fit any size scar. It is important
to have 1/4 inch coverage beyond the borders of the scar.



ScarLine Rx Curve Package
One 2x9 Inch Curve

Plus Bonus Cleanser
1.58 FL OZ (47mL)
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