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ScarLine Rx Contour
ScarLine Rx® Contour

Specifically designed for use on the post-surgical breast, the ScarLine Rx® Contour is the only custom-molded silicone gel sheet that is specially designed to gently cup and adhere to the breast. The Contour reduces nipple hypersensitivity that is commonly associated with augmentation and reconstruction procedures.

A portion of each Contour sold goes towards breast cancer research and education.

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ScarLine Rx Curve

ScarLine Rx® Curve

The Curve, which is the most widely recognized ScarLine Rx® product, is offered in a variety of sizes to help reduce scars large and small that result from injury, acne, keloid scarring, surgical procedures and burns. Sizes include:

• 1x1 inch square
• 2x2 inch square
• 2x9 inch rectangle (c-section size)
• Combination pack including 4 – 1x1 squares and 2 – 2x2 squares ideal for laparoscopic scars.

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ScarLine Rx Cleanser

ScarLine Rx® Cleanser

Your ScarLine Rx® silicone gel sheets will remain tacky for use again and again when properly cared for using the gentle, oil-cutting ScarLine Rx® Cleanser. Specially formulated to rinse off easily, the Cleanser leaves no residue on the ScarLine silicone. The cleanser ingredients are safe for the environment, biodegradable and never tested on animals.

We recommend cleaning your ScarLine Rx® products daily by hand-washing with only ScarLine Rx® Silicone Cleanser and water.

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ScarLine Rx® silicone scar therapy is clinically proven to prevent and reduce the scarring associated with:

Keloid and Hypertrophic Scars. ScarLine Rx® softens, flattens and dramatically improves the discoloration noted with these type scars.

Post-Surgical Scars. The ScarLine Rx® silicone provides a protective barrier which occludes and hydrates the skin, encouraging the skin's natural healing properties.

Pediatric Scars. ScarLine Rx® is clinically proven safe and effective in treating and reducing scars on childrens' delicate skin.

Older Scars. While ScarLine Rx® is most effective on new scars, it can help improve the appearance of red, raised scars up to 20 years old.

Thick Scars Over Joints. ScarLine Rx® helps thin and soften scars that form over joints, potentially improving mobility and extension.

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